Briefly in English

I have contributed to several Finnish comic anthologies, such as Laikku and Glömp, and also made  several self-published comic books.

I have released two graphic novels in Finnish, both published by Asema Kustannus. My first book has also been published in French by Belgian publisher La 5émé Couche.

In addition to comics, I´m a published poet with five collections of poetry, and currently I´ve been working on a project on purpose to combine comics and poetry. In 2008 Asema Kustannus published my first comics poetry book Kiitosvirret ja ylistyslaulut. Next book Apua on tulossa came out in September 2010 and the third book which is called Hietasalo was published by Poesia 2017.

You can find pictures from my books and magazines at the page Kuvia julkaisuista and pictures from my exhibitions at the page Kuvia näyttelyistä.



1995 Degree in metal art craft, Savonlinna Art and Crafts Institute

1979-1980 Writer studies course, Orivesi Institute

1977 High School degree, Kemi High School 



2018 Pimp my crap #4 (drawings)

2017 Pimp my crap #2 (drawings)

2017 Hietasalo, Poesia (poems)

2014 Atomic Ace Skiing in Savo, Le Garage L. (drawings)

2014 Huilumusiikkia remontin taustalla, ntamo (poems)

2014 Little Hilma, kuš! komiksi (comics)

2012 Leijonan veri velvoittaa, Asema (comics)

2010 Apua on tulossa, Asema (comics)

2010 The Moon Boy, Wormgod and Seriefrämjandet (comics)

2010 Kalevanpoika, Otava (poems)

2009 Hauska on tietää, self publishing (comics)

2008 Paparoad, Boing Being(comics)

2008 Kiitosvirret ja ylistyslaulut, Asema Publishing (comics)

2008 Gallery of Wonders,

2008 Lichen Rouge, La Cinquième Couche(comics)

2007 Tohtori Futuro, Asema Publishing (comics)

2006 Hieno, pieni kiekura, Otava Publishing (poems)

2005 Seiniä päin, self publishing (comics)

2005 Punajäkälä, Asema Publishing (first solo comics album by J. H.)

2004 Pois voihke ja valitus!, Otava Publishing (poems)

2002 U pui uje mui, Otava Publishing (poems)

2002 Autuaat, self publishing (comics)

2001 Aamulla varhain ja muita Jyrki Heikkisen sarjakuvia, self publishing (comics)

2000 Arjen vartijat, self publishing (comics)

1999 Tsirnam bai, Suuri Kurpitsa (comics)

1998 Ihan Tavallinen Kirjasto-uni, Savonlinna City Library (comics)

1984 Riemupolitiikan hautajaiset, Karisto Publishing (poems)



from 1997

Glömp, Nuori Voima, Laikku, Ilta-Sanomat, Tuli & Savu, Kuti, Stripburger, Cést bon anthology…



2018 Tempora Mutantur, KomMissia Comics Festival, Moscow, Russia

2017 Tempora Mutantur, NCCA, Tomsk, Russia

2016 Tempora Mutantur, Fumetto, Luzern, Switzerland

2014 Kutikuti, Comic Art Brooklyn, New York, USA

2014 Kutikuti, KomiksFest, Prague, Tsheck

2014 Attention, Work! KomiksFest, Prague, Tsheck

2014 Kutikuti, Printmaking IN, Pärnu, Estonia

2014 Atomic Ace Skiing in Savo, Le Garage L. Forcalquiére, France (solo exhibition)

2014 Attention, Work! Le Garage L, Forcalquiér, France

2014 Attention, Work! Millionaires club, Leipzig, Germany

2014 Attention, Work! Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana

2013 Atention, Work! (Stripburger) The Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia, Velenje

2013 LA 5e COUCHE – 5c a 20 ans, Varia theatre, Brussels, Belgium

2011 Greetings from Cartoonia, Animafest Bukarest, Romania

2011 Nascency, Boomfest, St Petersburg, Russia

2010 Greetings from Cartoonia, La Zone ,Liege, Belgium

2010 Greetings from Cartoonia, Kapu, Linz, Austria

2010 Greetings from Cartoonia, Komiksfest! Prague, Tsheck

2010 Rejsende 2010, SAK Kunstbygning, Svendborg, Danmark

2010 GlömpX, Stadtpark Forum, Graz, Austria

2010 Greetings fron Cartoonia/Pozdravi iz Striponije, RAMhotel Bologna, Italy

2010 GlömpX, Printmaking, Kunstihalli, Pärnu, Estonia

2009 GlömpX, Boomfest, St Petersburg, Russia

2009 GlömpX, Notch, Peking, China

2009 Kiitosvirret-comics poetry (solo exhibition), Kinodvor, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2009 Greetings from Cartoonia, Slovene Etnographic Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2009 GlömpX, Bedeteca/Feira Laica, Lissabon, Portugal

2009 Glömp X, Bilbolbul, Bologna, Italy

2008 Finnish Comics, Moskow, Russia

2008 Sarjakuva BD Finlande, Amiens, France

2008 Sarjakuva BD Finlande, Aix-en-Provence, France

2008 Le Cabinet damateur de La 5c Couche, Galerie Petits Papiers, Brussels, Belgium

2007 European Comics Cartography, Museo Nazionale of Ravenna, Italy

2007 International Comics Festival BOOMFest-2007, St Petersburg, Russia

2006 Sarjakuva-Strips uit Finland, Vlaams-Nederlands Huis de Buren, Brussels, Belgium

2006 Sarjakuva, Stripdagen Haarlem, Holland

2006 Soleil de minuit, Festival International de la Bande Dessinée, Angoulême, France

2005 Here, in the land of living , 6 Salão Lisboa de ilustração e banda desenhada, Lissabon, Portugal



2007 2nd price in the Arctic Comics Contests by Kemi Comics Centre (Finland) in novel category

2006 3rd price in the Tammsaare Comics Contests (Estonia)

1999 2nd price in the Arctic Comics Contests by Kemi Comics Centre (Finland) in strip category

1999 1st price in the comics contests of The Finnish Salmiakki Society




The Union of Finnish Writers

The Finnish Comics Professionals