27.11 2020 julkistettiin Gentle Savage bändin ja Jyrki Heikkisen yhteistyön tulos, rock-video ” Honey Bunny ”

566 sivua sekatekniikalla A4-kokoiselle paperille

Alpha Omega Press Office:

’Honey Bunny – the Rock ’n Roll Transformation’ is an analogical cartoon music video. It builds up from hundreds of hand painted mixed technique pictures to combine into a movie. The man behind the art is a Finnish graphic artist named Jyrki Heikkinen. The story was created by Tornado Bearstone and Jyrki Heikkinen assisted along with Gentle Savage’s guitarist Tim O’Shore.

Rock ’n Roll Transformation takes you on a journey to the underworld. The main character, ’Mr. Bunny’, tumbles down a mysterious hole in the ground ending up in the Underworld. Whilst he is falling, he transforms from a regular rabbit into a two legged walking human-like Rock ’n Roller. Feeling a little dizzy in the head, Mr. Bunny starts his journey in the underworld. He ends up hanging with the bad ass ’Lady Bunny’ who teaches him some moves ’n manners. In the end Mr. Bunny has a big decision to make….